Potting Sheds

A potting shed is a garden building which is used to provide a warm and dry place to grow seeds, pot plants, and deadhead or prune potted plants, on custom made potting benches. They often have 3 timber walls, with one glazed Side facing south for extra sunlight.

All experienced gardener knows that every green thumb needs a place to keep the various gardening tools, seeds, bags of compost, and other Items needed to keep a garden in good condition from year to year.

Most allotments have potting sheds where gardeners meet up to discuss new ideas on a hot sunny day or pouring rain day, to share a cuppa, along with wisdom and stories gained during the hours of tending the various plants and grounds. It was also a handy place to work when weather was not cooperating with outside duties.

Planting seedlings, cleaning and sharpening equipment, and other tasks could be accomplished in the potting shed. Potting sheds are essential for large estates and plots, but even for the humbler establishment, they can be very useful.