Choosing the correct size Potting Shed

When you are looking to buy a potting shed it is always a good idea to go as big as your budget and space allows. You can always partition off the potting shed to use part of it as a storage area or rest area.

Don’t  worry if your area is quiet small as there are always a few tricks to maximise the space you need.

Firstly you can keep your potting bench indoors during the winter months, to give you a place to sit and work on little jobs like planning the planting, organising seeds and tools, making sure you have the string, stakes and other items you’ll want when planting begins in earnest. You can even use it when you begin to plant your seedlings. Once your seed trays take up too much space on your potting bench, the bench can double as a seedling base. When the weather is warm enough, move your potting bench outside, creating an outdoor workspace for working in warm weather. If it gets too hot, a lawn chair or stool allows you to work in the shed again until it’s time for winter and the bench comes back inside.