Tall Fluted Sundial

£880 £900

The Tall Fluted Sundial from Broderstone artfully combines stone and metal, classical architecture, and scientific instrumentation, resulting in a captivating and influential ornament.

The fluted column, which could have been appropriated from historic sites, expertly sustains the armillary's fast-turning metal bands symbolizing latitude, longitude, the tropics, and other cosmic trails.

This cast stone column has been designed with a perfect balance of ornamentation and unobtrusive steelwork, with a steel arrow piercing its center.

An armillary was once employed by ancient astronomers to chart the movements of the sun, plot the positions of celestial bodies, and explore cosmic relationships. Although not as reliable by today's standards, one cannot deny the captivating look and allure of one of these instruments.

Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Cast Stone

  • British Craftsmanship

  • Classical Detail

  • Delivered on a Pallet

  • Height: 70cm (2ft 4ins)

  • Weight: 47kg (104lbs)

All deliveries are made on a pallet 

All deliveries are made using a tail lift vehicle and an electric pump truck .

Deliveries are kerbside , however if there is access with the pump truck the courier will put it on the drive

They will never take the products further than this and will never unwrap the package

The courier will not take away the packaging .

We only deliver to mainland Britain excluding Ireland

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