Seven Piece Pagoda Oriental Garden Ornament

£530 £550

Transform your garden into a tranquil Eastern paradise with the seven piece pagoda ornament from Borderstone.

Measuring over 2 meters in height, this impressive ornament forms part of a collection of lanterns, Buddhas and other Eastern-inspired items. Its grand stature can bring a sense of wonder and fascination to your garden, captivating guests in conversation and serving as a notable focal point.

Pagodas, originating from Portuguese for "temple," have become a popular symbol of the East. These tiered towers are usually fashioned with an odd number of eaves and have been used to house important Buddhist relics and texts. Construction method may differ across cultures, but the pagoda remains a beloved East Asian icon.

Dating back centuries, the metal finial of the Borderstone Seven Piece Pagoda serves as a functional lightning rod, otherwise known as a 'demon arrester'. This garden ornament is constructed with sturdy reconstituted stone pieces and is easy to assemble.

This pagoda is designed for increased stability, with a metal rod inserted through its center and fixed in place by a nut tightened on its top. The rod remains undetectable when the structure is fully assembled.

Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Impressive Height

  • Easily Assembled

  • Robustly Made

  • Metal Finial

  • Cast from an original Indonesian hand carved piece

  • Height: 190cm (6ft 3ins)

  • Base Width: 35cm (1ft 2ins)

  • Base Depth: 35cm (1ft 2ins)

  • Weight: 190kg (419lbs)

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