Sea God Statue

£600 £620

 This impressive statue depicts Neptune, or Poseidon for the Romans and Greeks, as a powerful yet aging deity. He is portrayed with thinning hair swept back and a rugged beard, reflecting the god's adventures. By contrast, goddesses are typically shown to be attractive, with their robes barely covering them. Neptune is presented differently, however - in a nude state, the tail of a giant fish substituted for a fig leaf. This fish is of the same type used as inspiration for gargoyles, accentuating the movement and drama of the piece. Borderstone's cast stone statue is perfect if you are seeking a majestic center-piece.

Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Marvellous Detail

  • Superb Focal Point

  • Highly Durable

  • Colour Options

  • Height: 129cm (4ft 2¾ins)

  • Weight: 117kg (258lbs)

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