Saffron Apex Plus 10.5ft x 8ft Vinyl Shed

£1,285 £1,319

A smaller cousin of the Apex Extra, the Saffron Apex Plus still delivers great accessibility and reliability. A strong galvanized steel structure and fire-proof vinyl paneling create a durable outer shell that is protected by a 15-year warranty. Two sets of double doors, plus skylights and slotted vents, provide the Apex Plus with ventilation, light, and in-built accessibility for a trustworthy storage solution.

Delivery 1-2 Weeks

  • Sizeable shed - total area of 10.5x8 ft
  • Fully weather-resistant and maintenance-free exterior
  • Fire, rust, rot and dent-resistant vinyl resin panelling
  • Beams, columns and trusses made from galvanised steel
  • Huge storage potential for a range of items
  • Unique rustic appearance, ideal for gardens
  • Plus faux-shingle roof adds charm
  • Two sets of double doors for additional accessibility
  • 15-year protective manufacturer warranty ensures long-lasting use
  • Four slotted gable vents for air circulation
  • Two large skylights inset into the roof, with two front windows
  • Quick assembly using snap-in panels and intuitive booklet

Width 318.7cm
Depth 239.7cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 185.5cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 234.4cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 154cm x 183cm
Door Height 183cm
Door Width 154cm

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