Saffron Apex Extra 15ft x 8ft Vinyl Shed

£1,715 £1,759

Spacious, durable, and easy to keep, the Saffron Apex Extra is a plastic shed that you can depend on. Fantastic accessibility to both sides of the Apex Pro is provided by two double doors, with four slotted vents for airflow and skylights that bring in natural light. With fire-retardant vinyl panels, a galvanized interior steel structure, and a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, this is a shed that delivers quality you can trust.

Delivery 1-2 Weeks

  • Large shed - total area of 15x8 ft
  • Fully weather-resistant and maintenance-free exterior
  • Fire, rust, rot and dent-resistant vinyl resin panelling
  • Beams, columns and trusses made from galvanised steel
  • Huge storage potential for a range of items
  • Attractive rustic appearance, ideal for gardens
  • Faux-shingle roof adds to the charm
  • Two sets of double doors for easy access
  • 15-year protective manufacturer warranty for longevity
  • Four slotted gable vents for air circulation
  • Two front windows and large skylights inset into the roof
  • Quick assembly using snap-in panels and intuitive booklet
Width 476.7cm
Depth 239.7cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 185.5cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 234.4cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 154cm x 183cm
Door Height 183cm
Door Width 154cm

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