Rabbit Family Bird Bath

£176 £190

A cast stone replication of an aged gnarled tree trunk is the foundation of the Borderstone Rabbit Family Bird Bath, inhabited by a family of rabbits..

The delightful rabbits frolic outside their burrow and contribute to the agrarian beauty of an exquisitely fashioned piece that is crafted from a strong material that is additionally decorative.

Perched atop the Rabbit Family Bird Bath is an ever-vigilant squirrel, its bushy tail waving in the breeze.

A plain bird bath can be a great attractor of vivid avian visitors to your backyard, but a bird bath with character and vibrancy may be even more successful.

Arrives in two pieces for easy handling and positioning in your garden.

Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Fabulous Decoration

  • Full Of Interest

  • Cast Stone

  • Rustic Charm

  • Height: 52cm

  • Bath Width: 43cm

  • Base Width: 24cm

  • Weight: 26kg

All deliveries are made on a pallet 

All deliveries are made using a tail lift vehicle and an electric pump truck .

Deliveries are kerbside , however if there is access with the pump truck the courier will put it on the drive

They will never take the products further than this and will never unwrap the package

The courier will not take away the packaging .

We only deliver to mainland Britain excluding Ireland

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