Old Stone Bird Bath

£210 £220

The Old Stone Bird Bath from Border Stone boasts a well-crafted design that adds charm to any garden and provides a habitat for regional avian wildlife. With its natural charm and inviting texture, it's a perfect way to attract birds and give your garden a timeless, tranquil feel.

Birds require water for both drinking and bathing. Establishing a water source such as the Old Stone Bird Bath may attract more avian visitors to your garden.

Delivery 7-14 Days

Product Care Instructions:
To ensure the longevity of your product, this should be stored or covered during the winter months/cold temperatures to prevent frost damage.
Concrete products are more susceptible to damage during winter months due to freezing temperatures causing any water absorbed by these materials to freeze, expand and crack.

Made from high quality materials
Manufactured in the UK
Support your local wild birds

H64 x W45cm
Weight: 53kg

All deliveries are made on a pallet 

All deliveries are made using a tail lift vehicle and an electric pump truck .

Deliveries are kerbside , however if there is access with the pump truck the courier will put it on the drive

They will never take the products further than this and will never unwrap the package

The courier will not take away the packaging .

We only deliver to mainland Britain excluding Ireland

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