Medium Curved Pagoda Oriental Garden Ornament

£168 £180

This Medium Curved Pagoda is a classic representation of oriental design that seamlessly adds an oriental feel to any garden.

Fashionably crafted with a curved and lavishly adorned hand-painted arm, the Borderstone artisans have fashioned a singular ornament ideal for complimenting any outdoor space.

Pagodas, which derived their name from Portuguese for temple, were originally used to house Buddhist relics and tracts. They are commonly placed near shrines.

Spanning centuries in Asia, this architectural style has become a renowned symbol of the area.

This pagoda is an ideal choice for adding an Eastern touch to your garden or patio. It is part of a selection of Eastern-sourced designs, such as Buddhas and figures.

The Medium Curved Pagoda is part of a set of three, designed to blend seamlessly with cherry trees and Japanese-style vegetation in any home.

Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Richly Decorated

  • Distinctive Style

  • Cast Stone

  • Very Durable

  • Height: 700mm (2ft 4ins).

  • Width: 200mm (8ins)

  • Depth: 280mm (11ins)

  • Weight: 25kg (55lbs)

All deliveries are made on a pallet 

All deliveries are made using a tail lift vehicle and an electric pump truck .

Deliveries are kerbside , however if there is access with the pump truck the courier will put it on the drive

They will never take the products further than this and will never unwrap the package

The courier will not take away the packaging .

We only deliver to mainland Britain excluding Ireland

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