Lizard Bird Bath

£164 £180

Borderstone have expertly designed their Lizard Bird Bath with a unique aesthetic that will pleasantly surprise you. This bird bath features a carefully crafted lizard motif that is sure to impress.

The ornamental bowl showcases wind-blown leaves and turtles, with a lizard featured at its center. Reptiles can be observed crawling around the base of the stylish plinth. The pad's minimal design emits a simple beauty, while the lizards provide intriguing detail.

This bird bath is ideal for modern gardens and boasts both utilitarian and aesthetic appeal. It will attract and provide sustenance for birds while enhancing the look of your yard.

Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Cast Stone

  • Smooth Surface

  • Very Durable

  • Superbly Crafted

  • Height: 74cm

  • Width: 43cm

  • Weight: 31kg (68lbs)

All deliveries are made on a pallet 

All deliveries are made using a tail lift vehicle and an electric pump truck .

Deliveries are kerbside , however if there is access with the pump truck the courier will put it on the drive

They will never take the products further than this and will never unwrap the package

The courier will not take away the packaging .

We only deliver to mainland Britain excluding Ireland

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