Phoenix Hardwick Apex Workshop 5

£3,213 £3,570


Free Delivery and Installation 3-6 Weeks

The Phoenix Hardwick Workshops are tough and robust and ideal for many different uses including storage and working. These include a thicker 3-inch framework, pressure-treated flooring + floor joists and a T+G roof. Security features are great too including dog bolt hinges and long throw security lock

  • 15mm Pressure-treated Shiplap cladding
  • Vapour Proof Barrier to walls only
  • 5ft Pair Premium Doorset
  • Joinery produced windows
  • Classic Onduline Roofing Sheet (Black/Green)
  • 1.84m Eaves/2.4m Ridge

** 8ft Length include 1 Pane window **

**10ft Length include 2 Pane Window **

** 12ft Length and above include 3 Pane Window **

As standard our Hardwick Workshops come with 15mm Shiplap Exterior Cladding with the option to upgrade to 20mm Logroll.

15mm Shiplap T&G Cladding15mm Shiplap T&G Cladding 20mm Log Roll T&G Cladding20mm Loglap T&G Cladding

All of our solid timber clad garden buildings are fully pressure-treated with the latest generation wood preservative, extending the lifespan of the wood and protecting it against rot and decay. This process involves immersion in a high-pressure tank which quickly forces preservatives deep into the timber, helping it withstand future damage and exposure to the elements. All the exterior cladding, framework, floor joists and floor board are supplied pressure treated. (Due to technical reasons doors, windows and internal roof parts are dip treated).

As Standard our Hardwick Apex Workshop comes with Black or Green OndulineGreen OndulineOnduline is a superior tough lightweight bituminous corrugated roofing sheet manufactured from recycled products, which delivers a heavy duty long life performance. With an expected life of a minimum of 15 years, Onduline has excellent insulation and sound proofing properties. It features a unique technology that combines cellulosic fibres and selected bitumen for better waterproofing performance.

As Standard our Hardwick Workshop comes without Interior wall lining & insulation but has the option to upgrade to Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each comes with Wall lining and Insulation to walls and roof.

Bronze OptionBronze Plus
Internal walls clad with Plywood, roof with exposed beams and T&G, Trims and skirting in a natural softwood finish. Roof insulation is sandwiched between the inner roof and outer covering.Silver PlusSilver Plus
Internal walls clad with horizontal T&G, roof with exposed beams and T&G, Trims and skirting in a natural softwood finish. Roof insulation is sandwiched between the inner roof and outer covering.Gold PlusGold Plus
Internal walls clad with vertically fitted T&G, roof with exposed beams and T&G, Trims and skirting in a natural softwood finish. Roof insulation is sandwiched between the inner roof and outer covering.

Once you have ordered a garden building you will be contacted by Phoenix Garden Buildings to arrange a delivery and installation time. Should you have any questions in the meantime regarding your order please contact Phoenix Garden Buildings on 01977679300 or email

Our delivery/installation team will require suitable parking as close to the prepared foundation as possible for the duration of the installation, which could be up to 4 hours. Suitable parking = Approx 30ft(10m) of parking space as close as possible to your prepared foundation.

We will require a prepared foundation, that is solid, flat, even and level and large enough to take the size of building required, with a minimum clearance of 12" all round the building before any obstructions, walls/fencing/hedges etc.

There must be a clear unobstructed route to your prepared foundation, with no height, width or tight corner restrictions.

It is the customers responsibility to adequately protect all through fares/access areas accordingly.

Ensuring all floor surfaces interior/exterior are protected, and any breakable objects are removed.

Please note: Our Delivery teams are forbidden to remove any safety clothing, including footwear.

Where access is via a neighbours property please ensure you have their consent and access is available when required

Due to the size and weight of the sections we will strictly not lift over any buildings or walls/fencing over 2ft high.

The maximum single length section is 10ft (3mts), sections over this size will be split.

All split wall sections will have a cover trim to cover the joins.

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