Globel 6ft x 5ft Apex Metal Garden Shed - Grey

£363 £449

This premium garden shed from Globel boasts an apex roof fabricated from resilient, hot-dipped galvanised steel. After two years of development between a factory and research team, this shed is stronger, more durable, and simple to put together - all with the traditional colours! It's perfect for caravan parks that require non-combustible storage, with a minimum 15-year warranty. It offers the best value in lightweight metal sheds and brings the highest spec, with 0.3mm steel, paint finish, and ventilated gables. The frame, base rails, and fixings are all solid and easy to assemble. The redesigned door glide also offers a more balanced door opening. This galvanised steel storage is weather-resistant and comes in sizes fit any need. The instruction manual has been carefully crafted for a satisfying assembly process. Please refer to the exact measurements for the building’s precise dimensions, while full details on setting up a base will be sent prior to delivery. 


All steel sheds must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage.

When constructing your metal shed, you can choose between a timber base or a foundation kit. A timber base allows you to construct a wooden floor, using the provided instructions, and attach the shed to it. This is an easy and affordable method for a base. The foundation kit forms a steel grid above the damp-proof membrane, which can be filled with concrete or covered with marine ply to form an internal floor. If you have an existing concrete or slab base with a damp-proof membrane, you won't need either option.

  • High grade 0.3mm steel and paint finish
  • Ventilated gables- Standard buildings have the tallest wall height available
  • Frame and base rails made from heavy gauge galvanised steel
  • Sturdy door assembly and glide & track layout
  • Stable and well-balanced door opening
  • Apex Roof
  • Range of Sizes and Colours

    Metric Measurements:

    Dimensions 6x3 6x4 8x3 6x5 6x6 8x5 8x6 6x8 10x6 10x7 10x8 10x10 10x12
    Width 184cm 184cm 245cm 171cm 171cm 245cm 245cm 171cm 295cm 307cm 295cm 295cm 295cm
    Depth 92cm 123cm 92cm 144cm 175cm 154cm 185cm 237cm 175cm 216cm 237cm 299cm 361cm
    Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 179.5cm 179.5cm 179.5cm 193cm 193cm 179.5cm 179.5cm 178cm 202cm 179.5cm 202cm 202cm 202cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 193.5cm 193.5cm 198cm 178cm 178cm 198cm 198cm 193.5cm 178cm 202.5cm 178cm 178cm 178cm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 170cm x 63cm 170cm x 63cm 170cm x 105cm 170cm x 105cm 172cm x 105cm 170cm x 63cm 170cm x 105cm 170cm x 105cm
    Door Height 170cm 170cm 170cm 170cm 172cm 170cm 170cm 170cm
    Door Width 63cm 63cm 105cm 105cm 105cm 63cm 105cm 105cm
    Base Width 171cm 171cm 234cm 234cm 234cm 171cm 295cm 295cm
    Base Depth 82cm 113cm 82cm 144cm 175cm 237cm 175cm 206cm
    Height 193cm 193cm 198cm 198cm 198cm 193cm 202cm 202cm
    Features 6x3 6x4 8x3 6x5 6x6 8x5 8x6 6x8 10x6 10x7 10x8 10x10 10x12
    Weight g g g g 79 g g g
    Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
    Roof Style Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex Apex

    PLEASE NOTE: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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