Corner Shed

£675 £699

The Corner Shed boasts a clever design, perfect for discreet placement in any corner of your garden while still providing ample storage space. Its features include extra-large double doors for easy access and secure storage of big items. The well-braced, full height doors are equipped with sturdy T-hinges and a reliable lock and key system for added protection. Made from premium timber with 44mm x 28mm four corner framing, this shed guarantees durability. The 12mm thick tongue and groove roof, floor, and shiplap cladding showcase superior construction, setting it apart from inferior sheds. It also comes treated with a Burnt Orange water-based preservative for long-lasting beauty.

Delivery In 5-6 Weeks

  • Large Full Height Double Doors

  • Superior Grade 12mm Log Cladding Finish 

  • 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing

  • Lock and Key Supplied as Standard

  • Ideal Shed for the Corner of Your Garden

    Cladding Thickness: 12mm
    Framing Size: 28mm x 44mm
    Roof Thickness: 12mm
    Floor Thickness: 12mm
    Door Size: 1132mm x 1800mm
    Window Size: 457mm x 610mm

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