Imperial Size 10ft x 8ft
Framework  44mm x 33mm
Cladding Style Tongue & Groove Shiplap
Cladding Thickness 15mm
Windows Toughened Glass
Cladding Material Scandinavian Redwood
Roof Material 12mm Stained Matchboard
Roof Framework 44mm x 33mm
Floor Material 12mm Pressure Treated Matchboard
Floor Joist 44mm x 33mm
Roof Type Pent
Roof Covering Heavy Duty Polyester Felt
Door Style Box Frame with Rim Lock and Key
Door Width 3ft
Treatment Tanalith E Pressure Treatment
Building Width/Gable 2430mm
Building Length/Depth 3030mm
Building Ridge Height Std 2350mm
Building Ridge Height Tall 2500mm
Building Eaves Height Std 1805mm
Building Eaves Height Std 1950mm

Please Note: Sizes are approximate only. For specific details, please consult our technical department.