Why we use Scandinavian Redwood

Scandinavian Redwood is a type of timber that exhibits different variation depending on the region and climate in which it was grown in. The colour of Scandinavian Redwood is usually pale yellow brown and resinous heartwood, with a narrow band of band of sap wood seen in stock from more northerly climes which widens the further south the tree grew. All Redwood’s grains are straight and the wood is medium and even-textured with clearly defined growth rings that occur as a result of the species’ dense late-wood.
Depending on the source region of Scandinavian Redwood this will affect the workability of the timber. The different sizes of the lumber and number of knots present as well as the amount of resin found in the timber. Most Scandinavian redwood timber will work easily with both hand and machine tools and the timber’s even texture means a smooth, clean finish can be easily achieved. Once Scandinavian Redwood timber is machined and finished, it glues, stains, varnishes, and paints excellently and can be screwed and nailed easily.
Scandinavian Redwood timber also dries quickly and is relatively hard for a pine species, demonstrating good strength-to-weight ratio. If you are looking for the strongest, densest, and most finely-textured wood, then the best option is to go for trees that have grown slowly in colder climates.
We use Scandinavian Redwood timber in the construction of all our Garden Sheds. All our 15mm Shiplap Cladding is produced from Scandinavian Redwood which is the pressure treated for longer life