7ft x 4ft Lotus Hestia Pent Metal Shed Including Foundation Kit in Dark Green

£280 £294

The Lotus Hesita 7x4 Pent Metal Shed with Foundation Kit offers remarkable storage solutions, expertly crafted from galvanised steel, renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. This green metal shed boasts ample storage space, effortlessly accommodating heavy-duty equipment and your valuable DIY tools. The sliding doors enhance functionality, providing a spacious and convenient entrance for the hassle-free storage of bulky items.

Notably, this shed features a purposeful windowless design, ensuring privacy and discreet storage, bolstering the safety and security of your belongings. Additionally, its substantial height accommodates larger items and allows ample room for unrestricted movement.

Outstanding features include integrated vents that promote optimal air circulation, preserving the freshness of your stored items. Furthermore, its fire-resistant design and ability to withstand wind and snow make it a reliable and secure choice for safeguarding your valuables in all weather conditions.

For security-conscious individuals, the double doors are predrilled for padlock placement (please note that the padlock is not included), providing an added layer of protection for your possessions.

Constructed from robust 0.25mm thick steel with deep ribbing, this metal shed guarantees exceptional durability, prepared to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining its structural integrity year-round. Corrosion and damage are no match for its sturdy construction. The pent-roof design encourages efficient water runoff and provides ample headroom at the entrance.

The package includes a comprehensive solution with a steel foundation kit, serving as the bedrock of your shed's stability, ensuring a dependable and enduring base that further extends its lifespan.

Pent design with a cargo-container style Hot dipped 0.25mm tough galvanised steel
Air vents for added air circulation Lockable wide opening door for easy access
Windowless design for added security
Complete with foundation kit

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